Traumatic brain injury after 50+ years

After surviving a motorcycle wreck and 28 days in a coma, my mother-in-law, Marihelen continues to live with a traumatic brain injury over 50 years after the wreck that disabled her. We share her story because there is hope for those who are currently going through the struggles of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) after accidents. […]

Long-Distance Caregiving 5 Strategies for DOCTOR VISITS

5 Strategies for long-distance caregivers to help at doctor visits.

Long-distance caregiving of aging parents can be challenging. Here are 5 strategies to be a better long-distance caregiver when you can’t be at doctor appointments. If you’re like me, you’ve been in a doctor appointment before where you thought you were listening well. You were asking good questions and taking notes. But, as soon as […]

Checklist for Moving Elderly Parents

Organization is key to any move. Assisting with a move long distance or helping sort someone else’s possessions requires extra measures of patience. Overnight moves especially of entire homes aren’t feasible. Most moves take 3-6 months. This is our checklist for moving elderly parents. Following this checklist for moving elderly parents cares for both the […]