Name our baby Day

Help us name our baby Day! We would love to hear your name suggestions for a sweet little girl. Choosing a name for a new baby is hard. What should we name our baby girl? We’d like to hear your input to help us name our baby. We have just over a month to choose a name for our baby. We’re hopeful her name will become clear. What suggestions do you have for us?

If this is your first time to our site, consider flipping through some of the posts. We share our journey as long-distance caregivers helping seniors live independently and transitioning into having Grandma live with us. We offer suggestions for conversations to have before moving parents in with you, tips for making the moving process go smoothly and many other topics pertaining to caring for elderly. Our hope is that by sharing our experiences we can encourage others who are a similar journey.

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Because we’re also a homeschool family we also share some of the ways we’re homeschooling.

Thanks for contributing to our family!

Vote for your favorite name to help name our baby

Name our baby girl

Need anything for the new baby?

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