Amazon Prime Day 2022 Deals

Let’s enjoy Amazon Prime Day 2022 deals together! Disclosure: As an Amazon Affiliate I may receive a small commission for purchases made through links. The price you pay is the same so it’s a win-win for us both. I’m not an Amazon employee.

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is coming July 12 and July 13 2022 If you aren’t already signed up for Amazon Prime, sign up today for Amazon Prime (try it out with a 30 day free trial) to be eligible for these exclusive sales. I’ll be posting and updating Amazon Prime Day Deals throughout the sale so be sure to check back regularly. I’ll be monitoring items I find useful as caregivers, helping elderly live independently and homeschool resources.

The benefits of having supplies delivered directly to your home is convenient for anyone especially caregivers, elderly who maybe can’t drive anymore and mothers of young children. Wanting to care for someone by providing them access to quick supplies? Give the gift of an Amazon Prime Membership. You can gift a 3-12 month Amazon Prime Membership. Perfect for someone you know who is curious, but hasn’t become a member on their own. This way they can select and order what they want.

Check back to our page throughout Amazon Prime Day 2022 to see some of the deals we’ve found!

Considering if becoming an Amazon Prime member is worth it?

Amazon is offering a free 30 day trial for people to try out Amazon Prime. If you know someone who might benefit, encourage them to check it out before prime day starts. As an Amazon Prime member you can receive 1-2 day free shipping on orders. Depending on your location, you may even be eligible for same day shipping and 2 hour grocery delivery. Gone are the days of making bigger orders with a bunch if items you didn’t actually need just to earn free shipping!

Another feature we also use daily is Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Music. Both if these offer thousands if videos for free or purchase including older shows like the Rifleman, Andy Griffith, Bonanza and new shows like Paw Patrol or Daniel Tiger and Peppa Pig.

Technology for Independent Living Seniors

There are great deals on video doorbells during Amazon Prime Day. Some are $190 off. They’re quite easy to install. A screwdriver even sometimes comes in the kit. Once installed you can rest assured with the easy to use applications. We explain some of the technologies we utilize to help seniors live independently here. Been curious to try out the Amazon Echo devices, they are also on a great sale this Prime Day.

Check out Amazon Prime Day 2022 Deals for seniors to live independently

We use these suction cup handles in our showers. They don’t require any hardware to install and when they’re not needed it doesn’t damage your walls. We did install some of the stainless steel rails throughout the house. Getting off the stair lift and next to the toilets to help make sure our seniors are safe. Stick notes help seniors remember things throughout the house. They’re vibrant colors and on sale this Amazon Prime Day 2022.

Stock up on coffee and other household essentials this Amazon Prime Day 2022 deals.

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