About Us

We are the Days living each day with a desire to learn, grow, mature and ultimately to learn more about our Creator and His Grace. Growing in our understanding of Him and His love for us and as a response loving Him more each day.

We believe that each person is uniquely created in the image of our Creator. Our hearts’ desire is to learn more about our Creator. We are long-distance caregivers for my mother-in-law, Marihelen, who suffers from a traumatic brain injury from when she was a teenager.

We’re on the journey with you. We know the spilled milk, the endless loads of laundry and character building chores that accompany raising children. We know the tears the accompany hurt feelings. We know the excitement of new sprouts in the garden, seeing the first flowers in spring and watching a butterfly eat nectar. We love to explore and learn as a family.

We invite you to join us as we embark on the beginning of a homeschool journey. We share what we’re learning about educating our children. We desire to raising our children in the Faith so they will be mature adults full of character. Our homeschool journey begins at the same time that we are processing potential shifts in our family dynamics as my mother-in-law needs more assistance.