Dog Poop Clean Service: 3 Kids and a Scoop

Enjoy your yard worry free again! 3 Kids and a Scoop offers routine, reliable pet waste removal services starting at $9.99/week! Sign up to begin your services today!

Dog poop clean service would hardly have been a business idea I would have been excited about last year. When your children are excitedly asking to buy a giant inflatable water slide and an unicorn too at the store and you want them to understand the value of money, suddenly the business idea is VERY exciting. Fill in our easy interest form here to schedule your first service request in the Huntsville, Alabama area.

Begin your dog poop clean service today!

Sign up here (or below). Service starts at $9.99/dog/week. After submitting your service request, we’ll be in touch to schedule your first service visit. Service fee due at time of service.

Services Provided

  • Weekly Pet Waste Removal
  • Custom made homemade dog treats delivered at the same time as yard servicing
  • Homemade treats for Fido’s human friends to enjoy
  • Watering Plants
  • Weeding Gardens
  • Raking Leaves (seasonally)

Starting a pet waste service business

3 Kids and a Scoop began on March 21, 2023. I somewhat jokingly told the children during school that if they wanted to buy the giant inflatable slide it would be a lot of dog poop to scoop. They took this as a suggestion to start a business immediately. The business plan, design and work is all the work of these three homeschool kids.

At ages 6, 4 and 2 years of age they have calculated how many yards they need to clean to earn enough to buy the slide they want. Any additional funds they want to invest in Roth IRAs or possibly other big toy purchases. They designed their logo and will be canvasing neighborhoods to garner clients. The kids have grown a bit since we started this blog. Learn a little about your future dog poop clean service providers.

Thank you for helping our children learn the value of work and money through their dog poop clean service.

As a homeschool family we are always looking for ways to instill lifelong character lessons for our children. We are excited along with them that at their age they are able to design and start a legitimate business, providing dog poop clean up service to the community. They are learning the value of work, money, public speaking, advertising, investing, budgeting, time management, and working together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequent are services?

We desire to serve your family’s unique needs. Generally, we plan to provide weekly cleaning service unless more is desired.

How do we pay you?

Cash is king! We can also arrange for check, Venmo or other options. We can work this out when we schedule your first cleaning. As kids, they need to see the money they’re earning to stay motivated.

Who will be the dog poop cleaners?

The three kids who started the business will be your servicers. They are trained and equipped to know how to sanitarily clean your yard so it is safe and fresh for you to enjoy as well as safe for them to clean. They’ll disinfect their shoes after each yard to ensure there is no cross contamination. Any of your pet’s waste will be removed entirely from your property so you never have to deal with it yourself.

3 Kids and a Scoop - provides dog poop clean service in Huntsville, Alabama. Fill out the interest form to schedule your weekly service. This business was founded by three children ages 6, 4, and 2 who are budding entrepreneurs.

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    1. Thank you for reaching out! We received your email request and look forward to serving you and your family.

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